Spar 300

Subsurface Utility Engineering, One-pass 3D Utility Mapping from Optimal Ranging.

The Spar 300 is a fast and efficient solution for locating and mapping subsurface utilities.  In fact, it allows you to locate and map at the same time.

The Spar 300 utilizes FieldSens™ technology which matches data from multiple sensors against a physical model of the magnetic field expected from the respective utility.  This method eliminates the need to bring the measurement equipment to specific points related to the utility cable or pipe in order to validate position.  Legacy instruments must find the “peak” or “null” in the signal in order to confirm pipeline or cable position, whereas FieldSens needs only be in the approximate vicinity to calculate position.

Once the offset and depth of the utility relative to the equipment are obtained, they can be seamlessly merged with the equipment’s absolute GNSS position.  This yields the absolute position of the utility and can be directly exported to GIS systems for mapping or other CAD activities.

Spec Sheet



Ideal for:

  • Power cables
  • Optical cables
  • Water pipes
  • Gas and oil pipes
  • Plastic pipes
  • Underwater cables and pipes

Works with Trimble® Access®

  • Access Plugin for streamlined utility survey workflow
Utility Mapping
Utility Locating and Tracking
Depth of Cover Verification