GPS/GNSS Receivers

Trimble - R10 GNSS Receiver StudioStudio
Trimble R10 GNSS Receiver

Trimble® R10 System is designed to help surveying professionals work more effectively. With powerful new …

Trimble - GeoXR 2011
Trimble GeoExplorer GeoXR Network Rover

NEW! The new rugged GeoXR™ is a purpose-built, complete solution designed to make high-accuracy surveying & handheld point measurement easier.

Trimble R6 GNSS Receiver
Trimble R6 Receiver

The R6 is a receiver antenna combination. This makes it easily portable. It features GPS tracking with a GLONASS upgrade, and an advanced Maxwell 5 processor.

Trimble R7 GNSS Receiver
Trimble R7 GNSS Receiver

Similar to the R8 GNSS except the receiver & antenna are separate, making it ideal in situations where you do not want to expose the receiver to environmental conditions.

Trimble - R8GNSS
Trimble R8 GNSS Receiver

A receiver & antenna in compact form, the R8 GNSS is the premiere receiver for both RTK & Static surveying. It tracks GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, and future signals.